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Superiour Nicotine Chewing Gum | Enorama Pharma A nicotine gum with your own brand The Enorama Pharma nicotine gum can be customized to suit our customer needs and expectations. It comes in two different flavors, mint and fruitmint and in nicotine doses of 2 and 4 mg. Using Nicotine Gum To Quit Smoking - Verywell Mind Nicotine gum is marketed under several brand names, including Nicorette, Habitrol, Nicotrol, and Nicotinell, along with a variety of store-branded nicotine gum products. Nicotine gum comes in the 2mg and 4mg strengths, and all brands offer a mint-flavored gum and a fruit-flavored gum.

Unique Medicated Chewing Gum | Enorama Pharma A nicotine gum with your own brand? Learn more about our superior nicotine gum and how it is adapted to fit a market with huge potential. FOR MORE INFORMATION. Best Nicotine Gums In India With Prices (2018) To Help You ... Nicorette. Nicorette is the first Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT product available to consumers. Developed in chewing gum form in the late 1970s, Nicorette is now a brand name that is used on a variety of NRT products ranging from gum to sprays, lozenges, and tablets.

Nicotine Gum (nicorette): Side Effects, Dosages, Treatment ... Nicotine gum is an over-the-counter smoking cessation aid used to control nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quitting smoking. Nicotine gum is available under the following different brand names: Nicorette Gum. Mood Management And Nicotine Gum In Smoking Treatment: A ... Mood Management and Nicotine Gum in Smoking Treatment: A Therapeutic Contact and Placebo-Controlled Study Sharon M. Hall University of California, San Francisco, and Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco Ricardo F. Munoz and Victor I. Reus University of California, San Francisco Karen L. Sees University of California, San Francisco, and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lil' Drug Store Products Inc. Adds Nicotac™ Brand Nicotine ... Lil' Drug aims to make NRT products like Nicotac TM brand nicotine gum more widely available to c-store shoppers by marketing the brand to over 150,000 convenience stores in the United States. About Us | Alkalon About us Alkalon is a Danish Specialty Pharma company focused on developing and commercializing medicated chewing gum formulations. The company has its own portfolio of nicotine gums approved for smoking cessation and smoking reduction.

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